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Museo Nacional El Prado

Location: Madrid, Spain
Originally built as a museum of natural sciences, the Museo del Prado is now one of the world’s greatest art museums (and it is a first public museum). El Prado has one of the largest Rubenesque collections in the world — the most famous painting being ‘The Three Graces’ by Rubens. The space is so large, it’s impossible to see everything. Luckily, the museum offers multiple routes to focus on different masterpieces by Goya, Ribera, Velázquez, and Zurbarán.

The National Gallery

Location: London, United Kingdom
London’s most famous public art museum, The National Gallery, is located at the heart of Trafalgar Square - a frequent gathering place for political and community events. Its galleries feature over 2,300 paintings, which belong to the citizens of the United Kingdom. The collections are organised like an encyclopedia, with highlights including ‘The Virgin of the Rocks’ by da Vinci, ‘The Water Lily Pond’ by Claude Monet, and Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’.

Best Galleries and Museums in South America

Museo de Arte de Lima

Location: Lima, Peru
Known by most Peruvians as MALI, this impressive art museum is housed in the distinctive 19th century Palacio de la Exposición, a historical landmark of Lima. The artwork, contained within, is also a testament to history, dedicated to the evolution of Peruvian art, with a huge collection starting from the pre-Columbian era and tracing 3,000 years of history to modern times.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago

Location: Santiago de Chile, Chile
Chile’s National Museum of Fine Arts (called MNBA by the locals) was founded in 1880, making it the oldest art museum in South America. It was moved to its current home in the Palace of Fine Arts in 1910. This splendid building was built to commemorate the country’s first century of independence from Spain. Designed by French-Chilean architect Emile Jecquier, the palace was inspired by Paris’ Petit Palais. It showcases an eclectic mix of Neoclassical, Baroque and Art Nouveau design elements.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas

Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Founded by journalist Sofia Imber in 1973, the Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas is one of the most important collections of national and international modern art in Venezuela. Spanning 16,000 square meters over five levels, the museum houses a permanent collection of 3,000 works.

Visual Arts and Its Main Genres

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    History Painting

    The term history painting was introduced in the seventeenth century to describe paintings with subject matter that was drawn from classical history and mythology. In the eighteenth century, it was also used to refer to more recent historical subjects.

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    Still Life

    The classic still life. Roses and daffodils in a vase. 5 oranges and a glass of water. Sometimes symbolic and sometimes banal.

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    Because of the ease of obtaining art supplies, one can buy all needed supplies and create something within hours. This provides opportunities for self-expression to both children and professionals.

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